Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome To My Blog!

Welcome to my new blog! You know, hardly a week goes by when I don't see something interesting in the natural world. I'd like to share my passion for nature and photography with you here at the Fun Nature Photography blog.

For the past year I've also had a website called Fun Nature Photography where I share my photo adventures in more depth. I've learned a lot since starting that website because I often do research on the wildlife that I've photographed, and I share what I've learned with my readers.

By the way, there are also places where readers can share their own photos and nature experiences on the Fun Nature Photography website. I have a monthly photo contest  with a new theme every month, and viewers can also share their own pictures in many other places on the site. I'd love to see your photos and hear your stories!

Please feel free to comment here on the blog whenever something interests you...let me know what you're thinking!

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