Friday, March 30, 2012

The Secret Life of Flowers

Two flower photo posts in a must be spring! I hope you don't mind while I indulge my spring fever by sharing more flower pictures with you. There's just something about springtime that makes me feel...well, flowery!

We've had strange weather here on the west coast of Canada lately. After a very mild winter, March has been unusually cold and we even got a couple of snowfalls. We've also had some incredible windstorms, one of which left us with a tree down over the hydro lines, dangling over our rooftop. All this crazy weather has been very confusing for the flowers, I'm sure. "Should we show our faces? Should we hide for a couple more weeks?" "I dunno, what do you think, Bud?"

The flower photos I want to share with you are a little bit different. I processed them using a Photoshop plug- in called Fractalius. Flower pictures processed with Fractalius remind me of that book, "The Secret Life of Plants"'s as if you can see the flower's aura. You can really go overboard with this plug-in but I usually like a somewhat subtler effect. Here's a fractal of a Stargazer lily.

It takes some experimenting with your flower photos...not everything really "works" once it's been fractalized (if that's a word).

Here's an overhead shot of a rose and rosebud that I processed using Fractalius.

I liked the way this one turned out. I also used some other filters on this photograph to change the hues somewhat. In fact, I did so many things to this picture, I kind of got lost and couldn't even tell you exactly what I did!

I thought this fractal of daisies turned out interestingly. I like the daisies in the background, which have become kind of ethereal and look to me as if they're holding hands...or petals, that is.

Daisies Fractal

Next up is a datura, and then some daffodils...



My last flower fractal is a morning glory. I know that some people prefer their flowers "straight" and don't like any processing nonsense but unless you try a program like Fractalius, you'll never know how much fun you're missing! Experimentation can be very can also take what might've been a so-so floral photo (or anything else, for that matter), and spice it up a bit.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering, I don't make anything from plugging this plug-in!


  1. Hi Peggy! Thank you, thank you for all your lovely comments and visits. I am just now getting caught up from the show.

    But really, these fractalious photos are outrageous! I love them!!!! Mesmerizing. Thank you for introducing me to the plug in – so cool. But I'd better not start on it or I will be staying up way later than I already do. :)

    Seriously love these images! And I'm very happy to read you are full time on photography now. Yay!

    – g

  2. Hi G! Thanks for the compliments. Yes, this plug-in will definitely keep you up late at night. :>)

    BTW, I've been doing photography full-time for a few years now!

    Happy spring...we got snow overnight!


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