Thursday, November 8, 2012

Blue Jays and Steller's Jays

We don't usually get blue jays here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia but right now there's a big kerfuffle (is that really a word?) because a lone jay has shown up in Gibsons, on the coast. Many birders are cruising the area where it's been spotted, trying to get a glimpse of it.

I haven't, however, made the hour-long trip down the coast because I was recently in Ontario and the place is lousy with blue jays. So I had the opportunity to photograph them and make some comparisons between them and the kind of jay we get here on the west coast, called the Steller's jay.

Honestly, I find that blue jays are much more polite and not nearly as greedy as Steller's jays. If I even dare step out on my back deck with a peanut, a gang of Stellers immediately mobs me. I suspect they even have X-ray vision, or maybe a really good nose (or beak) for the smell of a peanut. However, I noticed that sometimes I'd put a few peanuts in a shell on my parents' back deck and they'd be there for hours without a blue jay gobbling them up. Never happens around here, not with the piggy Steller's.

Another jays have quite a melodic call. Not too loud, and kind of sweet. A Steller's jay? Squawk, squawk, squawk, like metal grating. Not at all pleasant. And did I mention they travel in gangs? So there's always a bunch of them squawking all at once, especially if you happen to be holding a peanut or two.

I also must admit I prefer the look of blue jays. Maybe I'm being unfair to our B.C. jays, but I think not. I'll let you be the judge. First I'll share two pictures of blue jays, and then two of our local Steller's jays.

Steller's Jay on my Back Deck

Which do you think is the better-looking jay? O.K., I admit I used a particularly scrawny-looking example of a Steller's jay in my last photo and might be showing my bias, but please give me your honest opinion. ;~)

50% Off Sale at Zazzle

Since I've posted recently about Christmas cards and calendars, I thought you might be interested in a huge sale at Zazzle until Monday, November 12th. You can get 50% off my calendars and cards, 40% off ornaments, 30% off mugs, 20% off t-shirts, and 15% off all other products. Just use the code 50VETDAYSALE at checkout.

For my customers who I see at craft fairs locally and have been asking me when I'm getting some calendars printed, I have good news! I finally got a decent deal on printing and will have a limited quantity of my latest squirrel calendar and a chipmunk calendar available for sale at upcoming Christmas craft fairs. I photographed the chipmunk while visiting my parents back east this past September and fell in love with the little guy, who I called named Chipper.

For anyone who won't be able to meet me at a craft fair on the Sunshine Coast, I hope you'll take advantage of Zazzle's Veteran's Day sale and get up to 50% off. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Christmas Animals

I get a real kick out of creating Christmas cards from some of my animal photos. Every year I add a few more so now I've got a good collection of them.

I thought you might want to know about a huge sale Zazzle is having on cards and invitations until Sunday, November 4th. They're offering 50% off, a price which can't be beat! I recently ordered some of my Christmas cards for my parents and they tell me they were extremely happy with the quality of the cards. You can easily customize your cards with your own personal message on the front, inside, or back (or all three!)

Being bird lovers and kind of traditional, my parents wanted a Christmas card with a chickadee and snow. Here's the card they ordered:

I thought the berries made the card look especially festive, perfect for Christmas.

Or maybe you're in the mood for a little more fun. If so, here's a hummingbird that really knows how to decorate for the holiday season.

My favourite Christmas animals are squirrels. I have more than a few cards with squirrels on them. Here's a selection from my Christmas section...which, by the way, has more than just cards. There are all kinds of other products that you can have my photos or anybody else's artwork (including your own!) printed on.

If you really want to have fun you can even order matching Christmas postage!

Anyway, you get the idea. If you want to take advantage of Zazzle's 50% off sale on cards and invitations, just type in the code "CHEERSAVINGS" at checkout.
christmas animals art