Sunday, August 4, 2013

Chipmunks on the Loose

I've lived here for 12 years now and I've never seen a chipmunk...until about two months ago, that is. All of a sudden they're popping out of the woodwork every which way.

There's been a continuous supply of berries to enjoy lately...

I caught this young one napping in the sun. He let me get pretty close.

Young Chipmunk

I thought that maybe the chipmunks were only to be found in the new area where I'd started hiking, which was more remote. But when I returned to some of my usual hiking spots, chipmunks started turning up everywhere. They seemed to be after the ripening native blackberries that grow close to the ground and across rocks.

I enjoyed watching this chipmunk family playing on a huge pile of rocks left behind by some loggers...

Of course, you know when families are involved, there are always family secrets...

I'm hoping the chipmunks are making a comeback. I really enjoy watching them streak across the path, their tails sticking straight up. They're more fearless than squirrels too, and lots of fun to photograph!

chipmunk art