Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Time for Texture!

I've always been a fan of using textures to create a mood or add a more painterly appeal to a photograph. Maybe it's because I come from a family of painters (grandmother, father, sister and brother), but I like to blur the lines between photography and painting.

I've added textures various ways. Sometimes I add an actual painting I've done; sometimes I paint a texture digitally (in Photoshop); sometimes I photograph a texture (like bark, for instance), and add it to the photograph; and sometimes I buy textures.

Recently I decided to do a series of bird images using textures. I often add many textures to a photograph and play around with the blending modes in Photoshop.

I like to add inspirational sayings to my photographs occasionally. For the robin photograph I also added a diamond pattern, and I was going for a vintage look.

So that's a look at some of my latest images using textures. I encourage you to give it a whirl yourself!

textured birds art

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