Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Birds in Winter

birds, winter, snow

 Continuing on with my theme of birds in winter after posting about a hummingbird who's been showing up at the snow-covered feeder... Awhile ago I did a collage of various birds I've photographed over the years hanging out in the snow. We usually only get a couple of snowfalls each winter but when it happens, I try to take advantage of it and photograph as many birds as possible.

So in the collage above (starting from the bottom left) we have a stoic great blue heron, a Brewer's blackbird making a rare appearance, Steller's jay, northern (or red-shafted) flicker, chestnut-backed chickadee, spotted towhee, varied thrush, red-breasted nuthatch, snowy owl, downy woodpecker, American dipper, and in the center with snow on his cute little beak, the chickadee once again.

I photographed the hummingbird and also an eagle sitting on a snowy branch after I had made the collage...I guess I'll just have to start another collage now!

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