Thursday, December 11, 2014

Rainy Days

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Yesterday I told you about getting stuck in the rain when my van broke down on the side of the highway.

It wasn't just any old rain...we had two days of heavy rainfall warnings and wind warnings. It was actually scary to go to sleep the first night because the wind was gusting at about 90 kilometers per hour. Our house is surrounded by tall trees so it's a little nerve-wracking when the wind gets to blowing like that, as it often does in late fall and winter. I kept wondering how the Anna's hummingbird managed to stay on the branch...I'll bet he or she didn't get a very good night's sleep either. But he managed to survive several days of snow and below freezing temperatures a couple of weeks ago, so I imagine a little old wind warning doesn't phase him.

Anyway, we made it through o.k. and the power even stayed on, unbelievably. I read, however, that the lower Sunshine Coast had some flooding. One woman told me that it felt like a hurricane ripped through the area. Such is winter here on the coast. We don't get much of the white stuff but wind and rain...well, that's our specialty.

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