Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Old Car Blues

old car, antique car, rust, abandoned car
Rusty Old Car in the Forest

Today I had the supremely fun experience of walking the dogs in a torrential downpour (during a so-called "rainfall warning"), then having my van die on me on the highway as we drove home.

Yes, it was big fun indeed! First the radio went off. Then the ABS (which I believe stands for auto brake system) light came on, followed by the seatbelt light (I was wearing mine). Then the rear windshield wiper started by itself and all the wipers slowed to a fraction of the speed they should've been, which of course wasn't enough to keep the driving rain off the windows. Then the van waited until we hit a dangerous curve before it decided to give up entirely. I was able to pull over just enough to get off the highway.

I called our local tow guy, Chad, who has helped me out before. Luckily he lives just around the corner from my enforced pit stop. He was kind of happy because he hadn't been called out in a couple of days. He told me it was probably the alternator. Chad towed my van back home and set it down next to my other van that's been sitting there, broken down, for a few months. Now I'm waiting for the local shop to get a new alternator in.

I've got the old car blues.

antique car, old car, forest, rusty, junkyard

rusty old car art

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