Friday, February 17, 2017

Barred Owl Hunting

I sometimes learn lessons from the animals I observe. Last spring I visited a barred owl that I usually found at the edge of the forest where he hunted. During nesting time in the spring it's more common to see barred owls during daylight hours, so it's easier to get good shots of them.

barred owl, raptors
"Barred Owl in the Wild"

I got to watch this gorgeous raptor as he (or was it a she?) waited patiently until he heard a rustle in the dry leaves on the ground or in the nearby bushes...I never heard a sound but he did. He would get in position, move his head back and forth a little, and wait for the perfect moment before pouncing. I saw him catch half a dozen snakes. There were a lot of robins around too, and they constantly dive-bombed the owl, even hitting him with their claws, but he took absolutely no notice.

So the lesson I learned from this owl was patience, and especially patience when everybody around you is either trying to distract you or even aggravate you. Keep your focus, no matter what. The situation you focus on may not be as crucial as where your next meal is going to come from, but still...

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