Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Photographing Flowers

I like to make sure I keep learning. I love doing workshops, watching videos, and reading books to learn new techniques. So today, even though I already earn my living as a nature photographer,  I figure I could still pick up some new tips so I've been watching an online workshop on photographing flowers.

When I lived in the city and was just starting photography, flowers were pretty much all I photographed. I haunted the streets looking for gardens that were close to the sidewalk so I wouldn't be invading peoples' personal space. I loved it!

Since moving to a more rural area I've gotten away from shooting flowers as often but after watching this workshop, I'm dreaming about focusing on flower photography once again. Only problem is, they're forecasting possible snow flurries at the end of the week!

dandelion, macro, waterdrops, bokeh, gold

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